Account sharing to this device has been completed. returning to title

Basicly the title. I first installed the game on Bluestacks. After playing for a while i installed the game on my mobilephone. I generated an account code and used it on the newly installed game on my phone. All worked but when i wanted to login to bluestacks i got the titlemessage.

With that message it’s stuck on that screen. I can only leave by closing the game.

Then i did the otherway around. Now i can login to my bluestacks account but can’t get in the accoutn on the phone. ( same message and stuck).

How do i make it so i can play on both devices and keep progression?

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the post!

You are only able to play the game on one device at at time.

I will take this feedback to the rest of the team!

We are thrilled that you are enjoying the game! Thank you for your support and please look forward to even more fun content in the future.

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